Email Server

eMail Server with Ubuntu 20.04, Postfix and Dovecot.

Recently I build an email server using VM and Ubuntu Server 20.04, Postfix, Dovecot, MySQL from the scratch. Took me 3-4 hours to do that as have no prior experience of any of the above except VM (VMware/Virtual Box/Hyper-V). I find it easy to build an email server on an ubuntu server rather than Microsoft Exchange. I switch all my email servers from Microsoft exchange to Postfix/Dovecot. With Microsoft, I never got an email reputation score of 10/10, which caused my emails to drop to the junk box. Now with Postfix/Dovecot, I got a 10/10 score and emails are dropping into my customer/users inbox. 🙂

After running a few weeks of this new email server I build another 8 more servers including multiple mail domains. All running successfully.

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